About me

People who are really serious about software should build their own hardware- Alan Kay (1982)

I try to approach things from an entrepreneurial mindset, having gained relevant technological skills from my past experiences. I have won several hackathons (ratio 6/9 and various competitions in the past years probably owing to my technological skills and business acumen. Recently, graduated cum-laude in both MSc Embedded Systems and MSc Computer Science from TU Delft owing to a period as visiting student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Senseable City lab which lead to two papers (submitted to journals Nature Sus. and IEEE Sensors), and an invention disclosure with the MIT Technology Licensing Office. My specialization in the domain of optimization and networking aspects of embedded systems and the artificial intelligence domain for computer science enables me to modularise and ideate based on raw hardware and software from the ground up. I am mainly interested in applied problems in machine learning and hardware-based sensing.

In my free time, one can find me running (race class: 5k, 10k, 21k), survival-run training with Slopend, spinning and strength training at TU Delft X, spartan workouts with a tinge of calisthenics, and listening to music. Occasionally and on rest days, I also like playing tennis, volleyball (recreation only), and reading books. Sometimes, I like getting lost in understanding world economics and philosophy.

I try to collect the thoughts and ideas that I find interesting and can discuss for hours over beer or coffee on this page: Words for Words.